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We support schools to maximise their ICT potential

Founded in 2011 and based in the West Midlands, Catshill Learning Partnerships is an independent computing, ICT and e-safety consultancy, providing curriculum support to schools and training establishments.

Catshill Learning Partnerships is a part of Catshill Consultancy LLP registered in the United Kingdom and listed on Companies House ref OC394176

We also carry out reviews and assessment of online safety through the Naace ICTMark and Self Review Framework.

Naace is a community of educators, technologists and policymakers who share a vision for the role of technology in advancing education. Its members include teachers, school leaders, advisors and consultants working within and across all phases of UK education.

As a professional association, Naace represents the voice of the UK education technology community in the schools’ sector at a national and international level, as well as supporting one another across the sector through conferences, courses and the dissemination of resources, research and reflection.

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We are proud to have been awarded Naace Fellowship for “providing evidence of having made an active contribution to the technology Community beyond that required by their job role in education”.

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Meet the team

Brett Laniosh is an education practitioner, founder of Catshill Learning Partnerships and NAACE Fellow with over 30 years of experience working in schools as a leader, a local authority advisor, keynote speaker and a private sector consultant. He is keen to promote creative learning in schools and offers friendly, independent advice and training on a range of Online Safety, Computing and ICT themes. CEOP trained with NAACE ICT Mark assessor status. He set up Catshill Learning Partnerships an award-winning support service for schools in 2011.

Lynne Laniosh is a former teacher and academic coach who has also worked as a training provider for a national charity.


“Useful and Informative”

A big thanks for supporting our e safety event at Tardebigge First School. The whole school community thought that the day was so useful and informative. It is so important for our young children to hear the message from a variety of sources so having a visitor was perfect to reinforce the message of safety given in school. Our children do need to be internet savvy and our children are so trusting that is was great that they were challenged in their thinking. Julie Cutler, Head Teacher, Tardebigge CE First School, Worcestershire

“A huge thank you”

I just want to say a huge thank you on behalf of the NLEC for your contribution to our training day. The feedback from the IT session was positive  with 67% of attendees rating your session as good. Many thanks again for your time and input.
Helen Creasy, Project Manager, Northern Lincolnshire Education Consortium

“A superb driver”

Brett has proved himself to be a superb driver in moving Computing forward at Greenfield.  He is held in high esteem by our staff as he has a professional approach and takes great pride in his work.  There is no doubt that Brett works hard to identify and meet our specific needs. In particular we have used his expert advice to help us develop our bespoke website, which is tailored to our school and celebrates our work. Brett is a valued consultant in our school and would be a valuable asset to yours too.  He is a skilled communicator to all audiences in a broad variety of media. He certainly knows his stuff.
Peter Bravo, Head Teacher, Greenfield Primary School, Stourbridge

“Engaging, informative and accessible”

The sessions were engaging, informative and accessible for both our children and their parents. Brett shared the important message of E-Safety through a variety of activities that were enjoyed by all, but most importantly left no one present in any doubt of the importance of keeping safe in today’s technology-filled world. Thank you.
Surinder Sehmbi,  Headteacher, Blowers Green Primary School, Dudley

“Children really enjoyed the training”

In January, a group of Year 4 and 5 children received a day’s training on becoming Digital Leaders. Brett was great and he really encouraged the children to think carefully about how they can keep themselves and others safe online. The children were engaged and enthusiastic throughout. Since the training, the children have been busy preparing an assembly and parent workshop for Safer Internet day and have created their own Digital Leader display board. The children really enjoyed the training and are keen to make an impact in their new roles.
Alex Stranks, Computing Subject Leader, Fitzmaurice Primary School, Bradford on Avon

“Informative and intriguing introduction to Scratch”

The presenter delivered an informative and intriguing introduction to Scratch. Providing a hands on course, teaching staff will get a real feel for the flexibility of the program whilst being made aware of the national curriculum elements that it covers.
Thomas Smith, Westacre Middle School, Droitwich.

“Coherent e-safety campaign”

Brett from Catshill Learning Partnerships came in to school for a day and worked with our year 7, 8 and 9 Digital Leaders in order to help them support the e-safety work we are engaged with. It was a very worthwhile and exciting day; the pupils found the experience meaningful and were able to create some great resources that will help the John Henry Newman community stay safe online. This work was invested back into school life to enable a proper coherent e-safety campaign designed and led by the Digital Leaders using Brett’s expertise.
Daniel Harvey, Head of Computing,  John Henry Newman Catholic College, Solihull

“Buzzing to go”

Since your training our Digital Leaders have been very keen to implement the ideas raised. They have conducted a whole school assembly covering a range of topics. The children really enjoyed the training and you could see that they were buzzing to go following it. It has given them a clearer picture of what their role is and the group a renewed impetus to develop their roles within their classes and within the school.
Diana Higton, Headteacher, St John’s Primary School, Stoke on Trent

“A support package tailor-made to suit the needs of our school”

 Our Learning Partnership has provided a support package tailor-made to suit the needs of our school. Over the course of the last few months our Computing Curriculum Leader has received valuable guidance and advice from Brett in shaping an engaging and forward-thinking curriculum map.  Brett’s input in staff training sessions and an e-safety workshop for parents was professional and insightful, again matching the needs of our school.  Brett has been working within a coaching and mentoring model to give our staff confidence and expertise, this has been both positive and rewarding. 
Ben Irving,  Assistant Headteacher, Westacre Middle School, Droitwich

“Eye opening presentations”

Eye opening presentations for our parents and our staff which sent them away with plenty of positive information and practical advice. Parents also had the opportunity to share matters that they were particularly  concerned about. Everyone who attended left the meetings feeling better equipped to deal with online safety issues. We also used Catshill Learning Partnerships to deliver a day of digital leader training for our pupils. They greatly enjoyed their day and are still buzzing about it!
Robert Yates, Headmaster, Eversfield Preparatory School, Solihull

“Really pleased with our website”

I am really pleased with our website designed by Brett at Catshill Learning Partnerships. Not only has he created a new school website tailored to the requirements of our school, but he has followed this up with training for the staff. This means that we now have the confidence to update the content regularly to let parents and the wider community know about all the exciting things going on at our school. The next step is to get the pupils more involved too.
Helen Thomas, Headteacher, Foxyards Primary School, Coseley

“More Confident”

The children really enjoyed the session and have been eager to show each class what they have learned about online safety; they are also more confident in understanding their role as digital leaders. We found both the training and the resources you have provided really useful.
Damien Wilson, Head Teacher, St Judes Catholic Primary School, Wigan

“Delighted with the training”

We were delighted with the two days training Catshill Learning Partnerships offered – it had all of our children considering their safety online. The presenter adapted the content from Year 1 to Year 8, engaging the children in the important subject matter. The parental information evening was well received and proved a valuable tool in helping educating young people in our community. We also enjoyed a 1 hour staff session, which highlighted some very real dangers for people in our profession.
David Bushnell, Deputy Head, Gayhurst School, Gerrards Cross

“Eager to implement their new skills”

A group of children from year 4 and year 5 recently received digital leader training from Catshill Learning Partnerships. They have been very excited since and are very eager to implement their new skills. They have now set up regular meetings where they can discuss their roles and what to do next. They have planned an assembly and have also begun to design their own e-safety display. They really enjoyed the training day and have thrived in their new role within the school.
David Porter, Headteacher, Belle Vue Primary School, Wordsley

“Enthusiastic and Motivational”

We were given ideas and questions about The Chantry’s ICT state that were thought provoking and really helpful. Our consultant had great speaking and teaching skills; we learned a lot! He was very enthusiastic and motivational with the pupils and encouraged everyone to contribute! We now have lots of ideas to add to our progression with BYOD in the school. We would definitely recommend Catshill Learning to other Digital Leaders looking for some great training! We are going to keep in touch with Brett and his company and look forward to giving him a checkup on our progress in the future.
Jan Dowding, Head of Computing, The Chantry School, Worcester and the Digital Leaders Team

“Well planned” “Very professional”

A well planned presentation that was delivered in a very professional manner. The information was clear, relevant and enhanced by video clips that were up to date and illustrated points being made on different areas of online safety. Parent evaluation showed clearly that they appreciated the knowledge they gained to support them to keep their children safe.
Chris McGrail, Deputy Headteacher, Redhill School, Stourbridge

“Much appreciated”

Catshill Learning Partnership’s Day of E-Safety was a great way to help us deliver the messages associated with Safer Internet Day. The Day of E–Safety was much appreciated by staff and pupils.
Carole Smith, Headteacher, St Mark’s Primary School, Dudley

“Informative, inspiring and most importantly hands-on”

We asked Catshill Learning Partnerships to help us deliver an overview of the computing element to our teaching staff. Brett worked with the Deputy Head to create a morning that was informative, inspiring and most importantly hands-on. Staff now feel more confident and energised in delivering the computing curriculum.
Angela Backen, Headteacher, St James Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

“We now feel better equipped”

The J2e course has developed our understanding of the application and we now feel better equipped to use J2e in the classroom. Staff were taught how to produce a document and create web pages. We particularly liked being able to create class photo pages to share with parents and we are looking forward to using the J2e suite.
Anita McClaren, Headteacher, Charford First School, Bromsgrove

“Very engaging yet thought-provoking”

Mr Laniosh visited our school to talk to parents about internet safety and how to keep children safe whilst on-line. The evening raised awareness of the risks associated with a whole range of technologies, not just the internet, in a very engaging yet thought-provoking manner. Parents left the school with a set of strategies with which to manage their children’s digital world.  Mr Laniosh was very well-informed, used current resources and was able to relate well with the parents. Every parent should definitely participate in such an event and I can thoroughly recommend Mr Laniosh and his company as the provider.
Avis Pounder, Headteacher, Bayton Primary School, Bewdley

“Thank goodness we found him!”

Staff and pupils at Our Lady and St Kenelm School are really pleased that Brett came to offer us his services. I honestly did not realise when we met just how invaluable his work with us would be. As a result of his support, children are working at a much higher level with greatly increased skills, which we could never have even imagined. As a school, we are getting so much more out of our hardware, software and our contract with RM. Brett has supported our ICT co-ordinator in curriculum development and run informative workshops for staff and parents. His quietly, efficient manner means that he gets through a mountain of work each week with a minimum of fuss. The children love his lessons and are so proud of all that they have achieved. Staff are rapidly developing their skills and knowledge through working with him. I can see that we rely on his expertise more and more. We really could not do without his knowledge and enthusiasm for ICT- thank goodness we found him!
Jayne Brock, Headteacher, Our Lady and St Kenelm RC School, Halesowen

“Appropriately pitched and engaged each child”

We were looking to improve the profile of E-safety for all children. We decided that holding a day of E-safety sessions for the children, from Reception to Year 6, would be the best way to go. Brett liaised with the school to work a day to construct sessions that were appropriately pitched and engaged each child at their level of development. All came away with the message of e-safety was an important part of keeping safe in today’s modern society.
Matthew Ingram, Deputy Head, St James’ RC School, Rednal, Birmingham

“Delighted with the Service”

The E-Safety for Parents presentation was very informative, punchy, fast flowing and is highly recommended for any school looking to support parents in the potential dangers of the internet. We have also used advice from Catshill Learning Partnerships to procure a large number of portable computers at a fantastic price. We are delighted with the service.
Paul Essenhigh, Head Teacher, Catshill Middle School, Bromsgrove

“Informative and Enlightening”

An informative and enlightening presentation.  We all felt the videos shown to us by Brett helped to “de-mystify” some of the issues around social networking and general use of the internet.  It was also useful to those of us with slightly older children who are already immersed in the online world!
Lisa Parkes, Head Teacher, Dodford First School

“Facebook parental controls”

We held an E-Safety for parents event in order to advise parents about keeping their children safe online. The parents commented that they found the advice about children’s use of Facebook and parental controls particularly helpful. They felt that overall the presentation had developed their understanding of E-Safety and that they now felt better equipped to deal with E-Safety issues.
Vicki Hewitt-Lee, Head Teacher, St Johns Church of England Primary Academy, Wolverhampton

“The ideal support to drive ICT forwards”

Brett has worked alongside a new ICT champion and ICT technician in a collaborative and highly effective way. Not only does he have the ideas that harassed heads appreciate he also has a proven track record of developing ICT across the school. 
Brad Jones, Head Teacher, Brockmoor Primary School, Dudley

“A great overview”

Good short introduction – A great overview of functionality and applications available. Brett is very engaging and maintains a good pace throughout.
Carolyn Aynsworth, Malvern St James Girls’ School, Malvern

“Plenty of Practical Advice”

Parents of children of all ages will benefit from seeing this presentation. The information and evidence is well researched. There is plenty of practical advice and ideas presented for parents to see, understand and then feel empowered to use afterwards. An informative and useful session.
Mike Bennett, Head Teacher, Ridgeway Middle School (Ridgeway Academy Trust), Redditch

“I can certainly recommend Online Safety to other schools”

This was a very useful presentation that was really well received by our parents. It covered all the main areas of e-safety such as security protection, parental controls, cyberbullying, gaming and privacy settings and our parents were given plenty of practical advice. I can certainly recommend Online Safety for Parents to other schools.
Sian Taylor, Head of ICT, Lickey First School, Bromsgrove

“The profile of ICT has risen enormously”

Since working with Brett in our school, the profile of ICT has risen enormously. He has worked alongside our new ICT Co-ordinator to audit our provision and suggest ways forwards. As a result of this we are now able to help the staff and pupils develop their skills in a far more effective way than before. Brett’s expertise has allowed us to find ways around problems that would have previously prevented the school from moving forwards. I can wholeheartedly recommend his expertise.
Steve Hudson, Head Teacher, Ashwood Park Primary School, Wordsley

“I would recommend your online safety presentation to parents of pupils of all ages”

Thanks for an informative and enjoyable evening. The mixture of your knowledge and enthusiasm coupled with some short but well researched and meaningful video clips really made our parents think. I would recommend your online safety presentation to parents of pupils of all ages.
Tony Whitehouse, Pastoral Manager, The Dormston School, Sedgley

“Very content rich – Every minute was useful”

Following the fantastic training I have felt confident to import the pupils and staff log ins on my own and I have done this. The J2e training was very content rich, creating our own pages and links,  every minute was useful. Thank you. Brilliant.
Amanda Hermiston, Head of ICT, St Peter’s CofE First School, Droitwich

“All our queries were covered”

The course has really developed our understanding of J2e. All our queries were covered, we feel better equipped to use the program in the classroom and the content was highly rated by our staff. Thank you!
Tara Robinson, Offsite Learning Co-Ordinator, The Park Education Centre, Potters Bar

“Very useful”

The course is a very useful introduction to the hardware and coding activities that can be carried out with the BBC micro:bit. It gives you the opportunity to try some hands on activities with the micro:bit.
Cheryl Jarvis, Catshill Middle School, Bromsgrove

“Very informative and well presented”

Parents found the Online Safety evening to be very informative and well presented. On behalf of parents please accept our thanks.
Mike Lambert, Head Teacher, The Wordsley School, Stourbridge

“Helping to drive standards”

The progress that our children have made working with Brett and our teachers has been excellent! After three hours of tuition, children in Year 6 are uploading work to the learning platform and making websites with hyperlinks on the J2E program. This has impacted on the rest of their learning as they are desperate to use their knowledge of the Portal and the J2E programmes in all areas of their work.  More homework is handed in on time and the link between ICT and English is helping to drive standards.
Sue Cameron, Head Teacher, The Glynne School, Kingswinford

“A very valued person in school”

We are working with Brett each term and he is a very valued person in school. He has worked with all our staff, ICT Co-ordinator and website manager to raise the profile of ICT with our parents. His high level of expertise and his willingness to embrace new developments in ICT has meant we are always abreast of current thinking. He has worked on the Portal, J2E and online access with the staff and at present is designing our new parent-friendly website. He contributed to our 360° E-Safety Review and our achievement of ICT Mark Accreditation.
Linda Perkins, Head Teacher, St. Mary’s CE (VC) Primary School, Kingswinford

“An effective session”

Parents came to the online safety presentation and were shown a variety of ways in which the Internet can be a useful, but also how parents should be mindful of the potential dangers it also poses.  Parents went home full of useful tips and food for thought and the next day a steady stream of parents came to tell me how the talk had informed them of things they had never considered before.  Thank you for such an effective session.
Matthew Ingram, Deputy Head, St James RC Primary School, Rednal

“Very knowledgeable about ICT”

Brett is very knowledgeable about ICT in schools and has expert ICT skills which we have utilised well in the development of our new school website. We intend to use Brett’s skills to support the development of ICT within our curriculum, as well as the use of the Portal for children, staff and parents.  We are very pleased with Brett’s contribution to our ICT and look forward to the future developments we have planned. His initiatives and input are invaluable at Amblecote.
Ann Mason, Head Teacher, Amblecote Primary School, Stourbridge

“Always willing to go the extra mile”

His knowledge and way of putting across the fundamentals have always been helpful and gratefully received by me and also the teachers he has worked with, both in the classroom and during Staff INSETs.  Presently, he is supporting ICT across my school and is working with children and staff who greatly appreciate his input. He is a very personable practitioner, extremely reliable and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure good quality in all he does.
Keith Butler, Head Teacher, Tenterfields Primary School, Halesowen

“Vastly cut down the time…”

With his knowledge of the process and help, we managed to complete the 360 E-Safe Review, as well as highlighting the actions needed to achieve the award. Being able to suggest where evidence might be and by working with our Child Protection Officer as well as other staff has vastly cut down the time it would have taken me on my own.
Mike Davies, Head of ICT, The Kingswinford School, West Midlands

“I recommend him without reservation”

Brett has been supporting a group of gifted and talented pupils in ICT. He has produced with them a multi media magazine using a variety of ICT techniques, hardware and software. This has been a really valuable experience for the children and they have enjoyed working with someone with a high level of expertise in ICT. His relationships with the children have been excellent and he has enabled them to gain a great deal from the project, improving their learning and their skills. I have known Brett for a number of years and had no hesitation in using his knowledge and experience to support our ICT teaching at Milking Bank. His input has been well received by pupils and staff and I recommend him without reservation.
Richard Mason, Head Teacher, Milking Bank Primary School, Dudley

“A great rapport”

We have worked with Brett on a number of occasions within our school. He worked with our children and staff and I found the E-Safety sessions well planned and delivered. He really did seem to build up a great rapport with the children who thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
Adam South, Head of ICT, Hurst Green Primary School, Halesowen

“Raised some key issues”

The presentation on E-safety for parents and staff was very informative. It raised some key issues that could arise both at school and in the home. It has supported discussion around how to help keep children safe online.
Rachel Cutting, Head Teacher, Olive Hill Primary School, Halesowen

“Really useful”

I found the hands on coding really useful and I am looking forward to teaching some of this to our current year seven pupils
Richard Martin, Abbey Park Middle School, Pershore



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