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Follow up Safer Internet Day

10 suggestions to follow up Safer Internet Day 2019

We’ve got some inspiring ideas for your school to run in order to follow up Safer Internet Day. You can also download our free Online Safety Poster.

1Set up digital leaders in order to empower your pupilsFind out how
2Review your AUPs and online safety policiesFind out how
3Run a workshop for parentsFind out how
4Carry out a survey of internet use by pupilsFind out how
5Get your digital leaders to produce an e-safety game or blogFind out how
6Create an e-safety game in ScratchFind out how
7Run an online event for all your classesFind out how
8Get your pupils to run a showcase lesson for parents Find out how
9Update your staff on the  DfE guidelinesFind out how
10Carry out a review using the 360 ESafe toolFind out how

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