Scratch 3

There is a lot of excitement about the development of Scratch 3 that is being jointly developed by MIT and Google.

Scratch 3 will be written in in HTML 3 and this widely anticipated release will be watched closely following the announcement that Adobe will be dropping Flash which is a requirement for the current version of Scratch 2.

A preview of the new scratch 3 blocks

It has been confirmed that Scratch 3 will continue to use vertical programming blocks rather than the horizontal ones used by ScratchJr.

A comparison of the horizontal and vertical block layout.

The announcement of Scratch 3.0 is going to be welcomed by users who are struggling to use this brilliant and popular programming tool in schools.

The Scratch Team at MIT will be affiliating with Google for this release which will succeed Scratch 2.

There are no details of a final release date for Scratch 3 but a functioning alpha version is available at here.

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