RiskIT week

What is Riskit Week?
In a nutshell, the Riskit strategy is about: “All staff, using ICT as a means to improve teaching”.


How does it work?
Riskit gives teachers an opportunity and framework in which they can experiment with new technologies and ideas that they have not tried before in a lesson and with a class of their choice. Success or failure of the activity is not relevant, the main purpose of the risk-taking is to throw oneself in at the deep-end, knowing there is someone with them to support them, and that they are not being judged. Just like a child learning to swim or a teenager playing a computer game: if you fail, pick yourself up and try again, as long as you learn from your mistakes.

How to RiskIt?

Staff take a risk and use a piece of technology they have not used before with their class; this can be anything from using a new interactive application or camera to simply using the IWB.

There are only two requirements:

1)     It needs to be their first time using the piece of ICT with students.

2)     You must be willing to receive visitors during that lesson.

The visitors must not be judgmental; they are not there to evaluate the lesson or the performance of the teacher. Their visit is purely to observe how technology is being used and learn any lessons from the session which they in turn can take to their own classroom.

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