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Publish.School is the cost effective way to share and celebrate the work that takes place in your school.

  • A place to showcase children’s work that perfectly complements the school website.
  • An easy to remember address with pages that can be edited quickly by any member of staff.
  • Pages for every class that are easy to set up, manage and update without having to know the technical stuff.
  • A safe and secure place for children to be inspired that can be shared with, and seen by, family and friends across the world.

Why you need Publish.School

The world wide web is a great way for schools to share the work that goes on in school with busy parents. Most schools have pages on their website for each class but often these are not up to date because it is too difficult, or only one or two busy people in school can administer the site. Also, the children’s work is buried in the site and difficult to find.

 There are limitless ways to use Publish.School

Every class has its own page which is used to upload photos and information. Children love seeing their work on display and even more so when that work can be seen by family and friends across the world.

It has really inspired our children and we have seen an improvement in literacy grades.

We use it to create a dedicated e-safety site full of useful information for parents. They use this rather than the main site.

As well as text we have been able to upload photos, video and audio onto our site.

Parents love seeing their children’s work on the site and staff like the fact that they can publish it themselves in a couple of minutes. In the past we had to wait for our technician to do this which lost the impact.

When a local reporter visited our school to write a story, she was impressed that we had published it online before she did! When it went into the newspaper, there was a link to our report page.

We have created an online form that children use to report concerns or questions they may have. Our Deputy can then respond to these as necessary.

Its flexibility means that we have a professional site that looks great and works brilliantly whatever device someone is using. It looks great on mobile phones which most of our parents use to get online.

Our computing classes use the edit code button to learn HTML and CSS coding.

Our school council can now create and share resources quickly without having to bother our technical department.

We are proud of the work that happens in our school. It is now easy for us to share that creative genius with our parents and the wider community.

We have created an online art gallery that we have shared with artists across the world.

We can password protect pages so that only our governors can view them.

How it works

You get your own site and school domain, so if your school is Hogwarts your website will be It is up to you who can publish on the site. You, your staff and your pupils can have generic or their own logins and you can decide who can see the published pages. Because Publish.School uses WordPress, your site will be secure and 100% readable on tablets and mobile devices.

You have total control over your site and you can choose from a vast range of themes and plugins.

Publish.School costs just £125 a year, so if you are struggling to update and publish content on your school website or if you find it too restrictive and difficult to use, then this is the ideal solution for you.

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