Physical Computing Course

Hands on Physical Activities for the BBC Micro:bit

A short high impact course for teachers

Ideal for
Head of Computing ICT/Computing teachers – Secondary or Primary Phase

You will be connecting a range of sensors and output devices to your BBC Micro:bit in order to bring real world computing to the classroom. At the end of the course there is an option to keep the seven classroom activities and the kit to use back in school.

  • Seven different activities with lesson notes
  • Six different input and output devices
  • Fun, hands on training for staff that you can use in the classroom
  • Physical activity kit including lesson notes with an option to keep it at the end of the course!

A great way to make best use of this importance device. 

  • All you need to know about the hardware and how to program it
  • You will learn how to write programs for the kit using the block editor
  • Sensors in the kit: Potentiometer, touch switch, piezo buzzer, headphone adaptor, light emitting diode, light sensor
  • Lesson activities:  Theramin, Hearing Test, Door Alarm, Persistence of vision, Visual Analogue reading, LED brightness by Pulse Width Modulation, Sun exposure alarm
  • No coding or technical experience needed – this course is suitable for everyone

High impact courses for teachers covering a range of themes including school improvement and higher level thinking, technology and computing, safeguarding and online safety.

  • Cost effective – just £49
  • Minimum disruption – High Impact courses run from 1pm to 3pm
  • Conveniently located course venues with refreshments included
  • Delivered by experienced learning practitioners and professionals with years of educational experience

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