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Updated for 2019 

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A lively one hour online safety presentation held in your school and covering all aspects of personal safety, sexting, radicalisation, social media, cyberbullying and gaming.

Our presentation is highly rated by parents

This presentation delivers key messages and advice to your parents. As well as outlining online risks, it demystifies the technology of messaging and social media such as Facebook and Instagram.  The presentation gives plenty of practical advice that parents can implement straight away. It is has been written by school technology guru and online safety expert Brett Laniosh whose work has been endorsed by Police and Crime Commissioners.

The presentation has been delivered in many schools and is always well received. The sessions run for an hour and time is given over for questions. A flexible approach means that the presenter can modify the delivery depending on the issues raised.

Parents complete an evaluation, the results of which are sent to the school so that they can get feedback and identify issues.

All those attending receive an informative handout and access to a dedicated online resource containing regularly updated information and guidance.

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“Having attended the year 3 and staff presentations today I wasn’t sure whether it was worth coming but as a parent
I am so glad I did, really worthwhile. I thought the jigsaw CEOP video was also very hard hitting and thought
provoking (in a positive/appropriate way). Thank you Brett!”

“Very good information and extremely useful to hear and see the information that our children have seen in school
today. This will be a conversation starter with the children at home.”


A well planned presentation that was delivered in a very professional manner. The information was clear, relevant and enhanced by video clips that were up to date and illustrated points being made on different areas of online safety. Parent evaluation showed clearly that they appreciated the knowledge they gained to support them to keep their children safe.
Chris McGrail, Deputy Headteacher, Redhill School, Stourbridge

An informative and enlightening presentation.  We all felt the videos shown to us by Brett helped to “de-mystify” some of the issues around social networking and general use of the internet.  It was also useful to those of us with slightly older children who are already immersed in the online world!
Mrs M Baker,Headteacher, Dodford First School, Bromsgrove

Eye opening presentations for our parents and our staff which sent them away with plenty of positive information and practical advice. Parents also had the opportunity to share matters that they were particularly  concerned about. Everyone who attended left the meetings feeling better equipped to deal with online safety issues.
Robert Yates, Headmaster, Eversfield Preparatory School, Solihull

The parental information evening was well received and proved a valuable tool in helping educating young people in our community. We also enjoyed a 1 hour staff session, which highlighted some very real dangers for people in our profession.
David Bushnell, Deputy Head, Gayhurst School, Gerrards Cross

We held an E-Safety for parents event in order to advise parents about keeping their children safe online. The parents commented that they found the advice about children’s use of Facebook and parental controls particularly helpful. They felt that overall the presentation had developed their understanding of E-safety and that they now felt better equipped to deal with E-Safety issues.
Vicki Hewitt-Lee, Head Teacher, St Johns Church of England Primary Academy, Wolverhampton

Mr Laniosh visited our school to talk to parents about internet safety and how to keep children safe whilst on-line. The evening raised awareness of the risks associated with a whole range of technologies, not just the internet, in a very engaging yet thought-provoking manner. Parents left the school with a set of strategies with which to manage their children’s digital world. Mr Laniosh was very well-informed, used current resources and was able to relate well with the parents. Every parent should definitely participate in such an event and I can thoroughly recommend Mr Laniosh and his company as the provider.
Avis Pounder, Head Teacher, Bayton Primary School, Bewdley

Parents of children of all ages will benefit from seeing this presentation. The information and evidence is well researched. There is plenty of practical advice and ideas presented for parents to see, understand and then feel empowered to use afterwards. An informative and useful session.
Mike Bennett Head Teacher, Ridgeway Middle School (Ridgeway Academy Trust), Redditch

The E-Safety for Parents presentation was very informative, punchy, fast flowing and is highly recommended for any school looking to support parents in the potential dangers of the internet. We have also used advice from Catshill Learning Partnerships to procure a large number of portable computers at a fantastic price. We are delighted with the service.
Paul Essenhigh, Head Teacher, Catshill Middle School, Bromsgrove

Thanks for an informative and enjoyable evening. The mixture of your knowledge and enthusiasm coupled with some short but well researched and meaningful video clips really made our parents think. I would recommend your online safety presentation to parents of pupils of all ages.
T.Whitehouse, Pastoral Manager, The Dormston School, Sedgley

Parents came to the online safety presentation and were shown a variety of ways in which the Internet can be a useful, but also how parents should be mindful of the potential dangers it also poses. Parents went home full of useful tips and food for thought and the next day a steady stream of parents came to tell me how the talk had informed them of things they had never considered before. Thank you for such an effective session.
Matthew Ingram, Deputy Head, St James RC Primary School, Rednal

This was a very useful presentation that was really well received by our parents. It covered all the main areas of e-safety such as security protection, parental controls, cyberbullying, gaming and privacy settings and our parents were given plenty of practical advice. I can certainly recommend Online Safety for Parents to other schools.
Sian Taylor, Head of ICT, Lickey First School, Bromsgrove

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