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Our digital leader training courses are very popular with secondary, middle, junior and first schools. We run training for two different groups – online safety and computing/technical. Look at the training programme for each to see which you wish to implement first.

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“Through constructive dialogue it encourages pupils, parents/carers, other stakeholders and the wider community to contribute to ongoing developments in e-safeguarding policy and practice, and helps them to deal with e-safeguarding challenges they encounter.” ictmarklogo
“There is coordinated and robust implementation of e-safeguarding policies by all staff, governors and pupils within and beyond the school and practice is monitored. The school engages regularly with stakeholders to promote the e-safeguarding of pupils and staff within and beyond the school.”360es
“Young people are themselves involved in e-safety education eg through peer mentoring.”

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Brett from Catshill Learning Partnerships came in to school for a day and worked with our year 7, 8 and 9 Digital Leaders in order to help them support the e-safety work we are engaged with. It was a very worthwhile and exciting day; the pupils found the experience meaningful and were able to create some great resources that will help the John Henry Newman community stay safe online. This work was invested back into school life to enable a proper coherent e-safety campaign designed and led by the Digital Leaders using Brett’s expertise.
Daniel Harvey, Head of Computing, John Henry Newman Catholic College, Solihull

We were given ideas and questions about The Chantry’s ICT state that were thought provoking and really helpful. Our consultant had great speaking and teaching skills; we learned a lot! He was very enthusiastic and motivational with the pupils and encouraged everyone to contribute! We now have lots of ideas to add to our progression with BYOD in the school. We would definitely recommend Catshill Learning to other Digital Leaders looking for some great training! We are going to keep in touch with Brett and his company and look forward to giving him a checkup on our progress in the future.
Jan Dowding, Head of Computing, The Chantry School, Worcester and the Digital Leaders Team