A day of computing

Get up to speed with the computing curriculum…

A whole day of lessons and presentations at your school taking  the fear out of computing!

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What's inside a PC

  • Covering the complete computing programme of study, your pupils will be given exciting lessons which your staff will then be able to deliver in order to meet statutory requirements.
  • Complete coverage available from year 1 to year 7 as well as for your staff.
  • Content includes programming and computational thinking using award winning free software!
  • We will demystify all the technological words, so that you and your pupils will understand difficult concepts such as algorithms and abstraction.
  • You and your pupils will be shown how to use and create programmes using award winning Scratch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.
  • We will use the award winning and free J2Code, 2Code or we can show you how to get the most out of your Beebots and BBC Micro:bits.
  • No experience of programming required.
  • No staff cover or additional software purchases needed!

Simply provide a room with computers or laptops and let us know the groups and timings for the day.

You and your pupils will be shown how to write and debug code and create exciting games that can be displayed on your school website.

A fantastic way to get up to speed with computing

Thank you for the fun, productive and very informative lesson. Year 5 explored creating algorithms in Scratch and were very pleased with the work they produced. Speaking to the children after the session many of them stated that they were looking forward to exploring Scratch at home.
G Dove, Year 5 class teacher, Greenfield Primary School

“We asked Catshill Learning Partnerships to help us deliver an overview of the computing element to our teaching staff. Brett worked with the Deputy Head to create a morning that was informative, inspiring and most importantly hands-on. Staff now feel more confident and energised in delivering the computing curriculum.”
Angela Backen, Headteacher, St James Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

Today’s lesson was an introduction to Scratch which I have not seen before. The class were engaged and each wrote a simple programme. I particularly liked the fact they could access and practise at home.
C. Doolin, Year 7 class teacher, Westacre Middle School

 Year 6 really enjoyed the lesson on Scratch, they were keen to develop their own sprite. Use of the correct terminology was scattered throughout the lesson and assessed at the end; this was really effective – thank you.
Cynthia Tang, Year 6 class teacher, Greenfield Primary School

Pupils were really engaged with Scratch. Each child managed to create a sequence to make a programme. I am really looking forward to having a go again next lesson. Thank you for a clear introduction. I liked the computing curriculum vocabulary references.
J.Riddleston, Westacre Middle School

A complete day (9am-3.30pm) costs just £480 and remember there are no additional charges!

Need more time? No problem, book a second day and save 10%, add a staff training twilight (3.45-4.45pm) onto the day for just £75.

Just pick the sessions that you require and add the times

TimeAllocationGroupThemeResources Room
1 hourYear 1 , 2JIT: Three Little Pigs – create an algorithm to visit each of the houses and knock two of them down. Debug the code.Desktops, laptops or IPADsICT suite or classroom with laptops or IPADs
1 hourYear 1 , 2JIT: Rocket Pigs – create an algorithm to visit each of the planets and moons. Debug the code.Desktops, laptops or IPADsICT suite or classroom with laptops or IPADs
1 hourYear 1 , 2Beebots: Using a class set of robots and working in small groups, plan and design letters of the alphabet that will be “drawn” by the robot.Beebots (ideally at least one between three pupils)Classroom, tables, Whiteboard
1 hourYear 3, 4,5, 6, 7An introduction to programming using Scratch. No prior knowledge assumed. BEGINNERDesktops or laptops connected to the internetICT suite or laptops/ Projector
1 hourYear 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Using Scratch to create and debug games. Users should be familiar with Scratch. INTERMEDIATEDesktops or laptops connected to the internetICT suite or laptops/ Projector
1 – 2 hoursYear 4, 5, 6, 7, 8Computational thinking by creating an online game in J2e5 using hyperlinked pages.Desktops or laptops connected to the internetICT suite or laptops/ Projector
1 hourStaff (individuals, groups or the whole staff!)Training for all staff on the new computing curriculum and how to implement it in school.ProjectorAny room with a network point/
1 hourStaff (individuals, groups or the whole staff!)A hands on course introducing staff to Scratch. No prior knowledge required.ProjectorICT suite or laptops/ Projector
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