Digital Leaders Report

Matthew Payne, the chairman of Chantry School Digital Leaders has sent us an update of their activities. If you do not yet have Digital Leaders, find out more here.

In early February Myself, Ms Dowding and The Digital Leaders of The Chantry School embarked on a journey to a college in Birmingham to attend a Digital Leaders workshop and conference. It gave us the opportunity to share our practices and learn about how other groups work. I presented Trello, which is our collaboration and organisational tool, that other schools found useful to know of.

Secondary, Middle and Primary schools working at the Digital Leader conference

 Safer Internet Day 2017

Shortly after the Digital Leader Conference, Safer Internet Day 2017 took place. As we’ve done for two years, I took to the stage and presented assemblies to all year groups throughout the week. I shared advice for what to look out for when speaking to others online and an unfortunate story of a local teenager who took his own life after receiving online bullying for many years even after moving schools two times. The Digital Leaders and I sincerely hope that our message of: “Is it true, is it kind and is it necessary?” will play a larger part in the pupil’s social media activity.

So as I’m sure you can appreciate, the Digital Leaders have been up to a lot to help make the school more digitally safe! The group is now working hard on getting our messages and knowledge across to parents directly with our Parental Involvement Program. We are now actively working with parents at school events and through our newsletter column and other platforms to help parents understand what their children are doing online.

Matthew Payne, Chairman of The Digital Leaders, Year 10, Chantry School, Worcester 

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